What to Expect This Time Next Year From the $160 Million Redevelopment of RedBird

A year from now, the former Red Bird Mall will look quite different.The $160 million redevelopment of the 78-acres, more recently renamed RedBird, won't be finished, but it will have the momentum of several projects under construction. And a few pieces will be open as part of the first phase, which kicked off in November with a Starbucks on the outer rim facing Camp Wisdom Road.Starbucks is "exceeding its initial projections," said Terrence Maiden, who is developing the project with Peter Brodsky, a Dallas investor who owns the mall. The coffee shop is "validating the market's potential," said Maiden, who recently founded the Russell Glen Co., a development firm named for the street he grew up on in South Dallas.The doubters wondered "if there was enough income for people to pay for a $5 cup of coffee," he said.  Continue reading...

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