Two Men Found Dead in Work Van in Collin County, Apparently Overcome by Fumes

Two lawn-company workers were found dead inside their van in Collin County Wednesday afternoon, apparently overcome by chemicals while inside.KTVT-TV (CBS11) reported that five first-responders were also affected by the fumes while responding to the call near Thunder Bay Drive and Enchanted Way in Lucas.A hazmat crew was called to the scene while the four first-responders received medical treatment at Medical City Plano. A sheriff's deputy who was first to open the door of the van was briefly hospitalized with respiratory issues while four firefighters were taken in for observation.According to the Collin County Sheriff's Office, the van apparently rolled to a stop in the cul-de-sac near the intersection, the station said.Neither the workers nor the company they worked for has been yet identified.  Continue reading...

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