Turn in ‘illegal Aliens': Posters Call on UT-Arlington Campus to Do So as ‘civic Duty'

Posters urging people at UT-Arlington to report those in the country illegally to immigration officials were spotted on campus Monday. The fliers, which include the website of the white supremacist group Vanguard America, call on white Americans to turn in unauthorized immigrants to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "America is a white nation," the fliers read. In addition to the one found on campus, the Vanguard America website contains anti-black and anti-Muslim posters. It is not clear whether members of the group were responsible for hanging the posters. It's unclear when the posters first popped up, how many appeared on campus, though a university spokesman said there was more than one. The university requires posters be approved by the Office of Student Activities and Organizations. The Vanguard America posters had not been OK'd and were removed Monday, the university said. "We are proud that UTA is a place of learning and as an institution of higher education, we expect high standards of civil discourse," the university said in a prepared statement. The schools's flier policy prohibits obscene or libelous material; unauthorized commercial solicitation; material that advocates the deliberate violation of any federal, state or local law; or incites or produces imminent lawless action.Voto Latino tweeted an image of one of the posters and urged people to demand school President Vistasp Karbhari to declare UT-Arlington a sanctuary campus, an effort that gained momentum after President Donald Trump's election.  Continue reading...

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