The Dallas Morning News Recommends Heather Wang for Plano ISD Trustee, Place 4

It’s not easy for new school trustees to hit the ground running. They face complex issues and must balance many competing interests. That’s why we tend to prefer candidates who have volunteered at lower levels first — they have learned some of the intricacies of local government.It’s also why we’re glad to recommend that Plano ISD voters choose Heather Wang for Place 4. One of three solid candidates for the open seat, Wang demonstrates the deepest preparation for the job. She knows the issues cold, and on tough calls like how to pay teachers better or how to structure a clearer accountability system for schools, she shows an ability to consider competing factors and arrive at a sensible solution.Wang, 48, has been deeply involved in PTAs at each of the schools her children has attended. She serves on two district committees, advising on diversity and on gifted and talented students.  Continue reading...

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