Texas Woman Left 2 Kids Behind — Hungry and Caked in Vomit — After Being Evicted, Police Say

A Houston woman has been arrested after authorities say she left two young children alone in a squalid apartment from which she had been evicted.Kerri Rochelle Green, 22, faces two counts of abandoning or endangering a child without the intent to return.According to the criminal complaint against Green, the manager of her apartment complex in east Houston gave notice of her eviction on March 23. The afternoon of April 23, the manager checked to make sure Green's apartment had been vacated and called police after finding her two children inside.The responding officer reported that the apartment's "floor was covered with trash and debris" and that the walls had holes in them. It was 80 degrees outside, but the temperature in the apartment felt much higher, the officer said.In a back room, the officer found a boy and a girl in a crib. They were wrapped in blankets and didn't have any food or water.Though the children were about the same size, authorities later learned that they were a 2-year-old boy and a 9-month-old girl.The boy, who appeared to be malnourished, was staring into space and didn't respond to the officer's voice or touch, she wrote in her report. The girl "was covered in vomit and dry mucus." Both children were warm to the touch, the officer said.  Continue reading...

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