Texas Should Look to Michigan for Ways to Address Early Childhood Education

There is a tug-of-war over how to fund high quality Pre-K education programs in Texas.Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a call during this legislative session to increase Pre-K funding by doubling the amount appropriated in 2015. So far, state lawmakers are not heeding the call, but they should.The governor's proposed funding of $236 million would give traction to the quality Pre-K programs put in place last year, allowing communities to build upon a foundation of high standards for Texas' youngest students.However, the House is considering budgeting only $146 million over two years, without tying the money to meet high educational standards. Their allocation to school districts would be based solely on student enrollments. The Senate is slicing the pie differently, by giving more over two years for a total of $180 million, but again, without much incentive for setting quality standards.  Continue reading...

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