Texas Has Made Abortion Riskier

As a family physician dedicated to helping my patients and their families live their healthiest lives, I am saddened and disheartened by our lawmakers' continued assault on the right to safe and accessible health care. Once again, our state Legislature has shown intent to criminalize and further stigmatize abortion. Instead of attacking abortion care, which most Texans believe should be accessible in their communities, I hope our tax dollars can support legislation that restores trust in doctors and allows us to practice medicine in accordance with our professional judgment and training and in the best interest of all Texans.Here in Texas, we have weathered the storms of baseless legislation that tear away at the fabric of the provider-patient relationship. These laws have not made abortion safer, but rather have subjected women to substandard health care practices or increased personal costs because the few remaining clinics are burdened by overregulation.  Continue reading...

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