Texas Families Passing Through Buc-ee’s Stock Up on Supplies, Brace for Harvey's Arrival

NEW BRAUNFELS — As the wind picked up and more families scurried to pick up bags of ice and fill tanks of gas, Andi and Terence Munsch took a drag off their cigarettes and considered their options.They'd fled their home in Port O'Connor on the Gulf Coast on Thursday afternoon, after the mandatory evacuation order went out. They made it as far as Kyle that night. There's a tropical storm warning in effect, even this far north, so the Munsch family wondered Friday afternoon, do we need to keep going? Is Georgetown far enough? Killeen?"Nothing looks like a good option at this point," Andi said, shrugging. The family had stopped here, at Buc-ee's just off I-35, to fill up their Dodge truck with diesel and buy some jalapeño cheese sausage. The essentials.  Continue reading...

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