Sutherland Springs' Morning of Horror, Lupe Valdez Eyes Governor Race, Teacher Tax Deduction at Risk: Your Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Good morning. Here is a look at the top headlines as we start the day.Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and cool. Low: 57 degrees. High: 64 degrees.Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here.Sutherland Springs' morning of horror: A lone gunman, two strangers and a broken townAs Sunday worship services began, a man in black tactical gear parked his Ford Expedition at a gas station, grabbed his assault style rifle, marched across the street and killed 4 percent of this town's population and 100 percent of its quaint anonymity.Devin Patrick Kelley's first two victims were slain in the parking lot of First Baptist Church, the town's epicenter and the church attended by his mother-in-law, whom police say he had expressed anger toward and perhaps wanted to kill.Then the gunman, whose bad-conduct discharge from the Air Force and history of domestic violence should have kept him from purchasing the Ruger AR-556 he gripped, sprayed bullets indiscriminately into the church's façade.He entered, according to law enforcement who reviewed the church's weekly recording of the sermon, intent on killing everyone in the room.Read the full chronological account of the horrific mass shooting from reporters J. David McSwane and Lauren McGaughy.Politics: Vice President Mike Pence has scheduled a trip to meet with the families of victims and law enforcement personnel on Wednesday.Investigation: The Air Force is investigating why it didn't send Devin Kelley's court-martial and conviction for domestic violence to the FBI database used to approve gun buyers.Legislation: What are the gun laws in Texas?Faith: The former pastor of a Fort Worth church where a gunman killed seven people says forgiveness is not optional.Commentary: Offering prayers for Sutherland Springs is the opposite of doing nothing, writes contributor Mark Davis.  Continue reading...

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