Southern Baptist Seminary Apologizes for Photo That Shows Fort Worth Faculty Dressed as Rappers

The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth apologized this week after a photo showing white faculty posing as rappers sparked backlash on social media.Five seminary professors, including the dean of the school of preaching, put on bandannas, hoodies and gold chains and used their hands to flash signs for the camera. One held what appeared to be a handgun close to his chest. Written above them graffiti-style are the words "Notorious S.O.P" -- a reference to the seminary's School of Preaching and to the iconic black rapper Notorious B.I.G.The professors meant to tease a departing Native American colleague who likes to rap as part of his preaching, according to a statement from the seminary. But the joke fell flat on Twitter, where the professors shared the photo in posts that have since been deleted. People called the image tone-deaf, offensive and racist.  Continue reading...

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