Snap Kitchen Is Consolidating Its Cooking to Dallas and Closing Facilities in Austin and Houston

Snap Kitchen, a portion controlled, fresh meals-to-go retailer, is reorganizing its business to a central industrial kitchen located in Fort Worth. The new kitchen on Trinity Blvd. has opened and employs 200 people. It's replacing facilities in Austin and Houston. The Austin-based company is closing two kitchens in Houston that together employ 101 people and two more in Austin that employ 65 people. The four facilities will close around October 1, the company told the Texas Workforce Commission. Snap Kitchen said it's responding to customer demand and needs a "new state of the art" kitchen in Dallas-Fort Worth. The new kitchen will allow it cook more meals and open more locations, while still using high quality ingredients and cooking from scratch daily in small batches, said Danielle Firestone, a spokeswoman for Snap Kitchen. Snap Kitchen has 37 locations in Austin, D-FW and Houston. So far it's expanded outside of Texas to Chicago where it has 7 locations and in Philadelphia where it has nine stores.A company that preceded Snap Kitchen in the meal replacement business, Austin-based My Fit Foods, closed all its stores in February. At one time, the meal replacement retailer had 80 locations.Twitter: @MariaHalkias  Continue reading...

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