Severe Weather Prolongs Some Fans' Experience at Texas Stadium

The biggest scare for Dallas Cowboys fans Sunday came after the game -- from outside the stadium.After a dramatic last-second loss to the Green Bay Packers, the security staff kept a crowd of at least 1,000 pople inside AT&T Stadium for about an hour. As tornado and flash-flood warnings were issued for the area, video screens urged fans to take shelter.Cowboys officials said there was no obvious damage to the stadium, but the staff will need to thoroughly examine the building to be sure. No injuries were reported.Team spokesman Rich Dalrymple said he didn't think fans had ever been held inside AT&T Stadium or Texas Stadium before because of weather.As the worst of the storm passed through central Arlington, fans were told to move away from the stadium's vast walls of windows and glass doors.Fans had been allowed to leave by about 9 p.m. -- after the danger receded -- but they were encouraged to stick around as the wind and rain continued. The center-hung video board played the Pittsburgh Steelers-Kansas City Chiefs game as radar images of the storm flashed on the side of the screen.David Weissenfluh and his 16-year-old son were among dozens of people waiting in the club areas as weather warnings flashed on the center-hung video board. They had watched the game from a section in the 400s, where players looked more like dots than people. But the severe weather gave them the chance to walk on the field and briefly see star rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott close up.  Continue reading...

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