Rawlings Feeling ‘hopeful' About Pension Bill After House Hearing

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings called on state lawmakers Monday to give the city control of its pension system.Rawlings received the wrath of some legislators after he announced Sunday that he opposes a provision of a rescue bill, and the mayor shot back at lawmakers who questioned his motives during a House Pensions Committee hearing."You have told us to fix this pension. The governor has told us to fix the problem. That it's our pension, our problem. That it's not the state's problem," Rawlings said. "I have never asked the state for one dime. I have never asked to raid the state's rainy day fund, even though it's the state, not the city, that got us here. So, give us the tools to fix the pension without state interference and without punishing our taxpayers."The beginning of the hearing was far from a "kumbaya moment" that state Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, had said he hoped for between all parties late into the Legislative session.Committee Chairman Dan Flynn, R-Van, challenged the mayor and said anyone who opposed his plan was against police and firefighters. Pension leaders said they believed Rawlings wanted the pension to fail.  Continue reading...

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