Police Chief Isn't the Only One Having a Hard Time Sleeping as Dallas Cops Flee the Force

I went gun shopping a couple of weekends back. Weekend before that, too; and the weekend before that. Spent a lot of time at Ray's in West Dallas; also, the Beretta shop in Highland Park, where I don't think they think I'm serious because I haven't yet pulled the trigger, which is a terrible joke, I know. But soon. Probably. Maybe?My browsing started a few weeks back, after a long chat with a veteran Dallas police officer who works my Northwest Dallas neighborhood. Someone had dumped a boosted car on our street, the second time that's happened this year. As we waited for the wrecker we had a long between-us-fellas chat, during which he said he was retiring soon because of the billions-short and fast-failing police and fire pension fund.  Continue reading...

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