Meet the Fraud Examiner Who Has Hunted Dallas' Police and Fire Pension System for 15 Years

Some major names are now looking into how the failing Dallas Police and Fire Pension System spiraled out of control.There's the FBI. And the Texas Rangers. And Diamond McCarthy, a national law firm hired by the pension system's current administration.But the name that has hunted the pension system the longest and with the most intensity is one you probably don't know: Sandy Alexander, a private forensic accountant with a personal passion to expose what he believes was a fraud perpetrated on the public.The pension system, on track for insolvency because of some bad investments and overly generous benefits, is Alexander's white whale. The contract fraud examiner has been hunting the system's former leaders for years, ever since he helped them prove up an embezzlement case against a low-level employee in 2002.Since then, Alexander has tried, in vain, to piece together evidence that will confirm his suspicion that those who ran the system were up to no good."This is the one engagement in my career where I failed to achieve closure," Alexander said. "This troubled me then, and has continued to trouble me during the many years since."Pension officials have seen Alexander's relentless pursuits as a nuisance. The system's current administration sued Alexander in Collin County earlier this year after Alexander and his wife Julie, a hairdresser, filed numerous open records requests.  Continue reading...

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