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Unite Dallas communitiesRe: "End Race-Based Police Associations — City of Dallas and its officers would be stronger as one unit," June 15 Editorials.I am the national director of the Red Handed Warrior Society, headquartered here in Dallas. I am also an enrolled member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and have Mexican American heritage. The comments by Sgt. George Aranda of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization were both racial and unnecessary. My group has been trying to unite both the black and brown communities in this city. This unity is important if both of our respective communities want to demand and create change. It's no secret that the various police organizations were against the formation of a revised Civilian Police Oversight Review Board, a board that Chief U. Renee Hall gave her approval for, along with a unanimous vote by our City Council. I believe this to be the motivating factor in their asking for her removal as head of the Dallas Police Department. They believe that removing her will do away with any plans for that board. Hall inherited an industrial-sized can of worms when she was named chief. It has taken her a lot of work, even with being grossly understaffed.Leroy Pena, DallasReview causes of crimeAfrican American unemployment is, happily, at a 50-year low. Other reporting indicates that ex-cons are getting job offers at historically high levels. The police chief's view of the cause for crime would not seem to match the present reality.Michael Haas Brophy, DallasRace-driven unions divide usIt is so tough to watch the chaos in the Dallas Police Department, divided into three race-driven unions. Union means "a state of harmony or agreement." How can this be achieved with this purposeful division? The time spent with fighting each other could be spent solving crimes.Nikki King, Fort WorthDA, do your jobThe citizens of Dallas do not elect district attorneys to set social policy and encourage crime. We elect them to prosecute lawbreakers and help keep our great city a safe one. We should encourage our fine police force to do their job, not frustrate or hinder them. How about a recall to protect us from bad policy and from a misguided district attorney? Or maybe he could just do what he was elected to do.Jack Rubin, North DallasDon't sell teachers shortRe: "Preparing for Pre-K College program can give Dallas the teachers it needs," June 14 Editorials.I hope that the Dallas Community College District doesn't sell these potential teachers short. They should have a four-year degree with education courses. I don't know how students can complete high school courses as well as earn an associate's degree at the same time. Yes $50,000 starting salary sounds good until one adds up their expenses, then it's getting by. Dallas ISD did a great job in certifying teachers in the 90s by having us take added education courses, when and if we had our BS or BA degree. These courses and summer school teaching with a master teacher made it easier to go into the classroom the following school year. These teachers will be more marketable if they get their pre-K certification along with other certifications. I went through the DISD program and it was one of the best experiences I had for a beginning teacher.Cathleen Hall, Far North DallasTillersons living largeRe: "Tillersons buy Westlake mansion — 2-acre estate listed for $8.5M was owned by former baseball player," June 14 Metro & Business story.I congratulate former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson and his wife on their magnificent estate. The electricity bill will be high and the carbon footprint huge. I recommend a vast solar array on that spacious Mediterranean roof and a charging station in the five-car garage for his fleet of Teslas.Ed Soph, DentonSupport local journalismRe: "Invest in journalism," by David Garrett, June 15 Letters.This letter says the great job The Dallas Morning News is doing has prompted the writer to buy a few shares of Belo stock in support. Admirable. Wrong, but admirable. For the sake of financial literacy, buying a share of stock only benefits the person who is selling the share. Belo, in this case, gets nothing. That's why it's called a stock exchange! So how do you help Belo? Buy a subscription. Already have one? Give one. Too expensive? Talk about something you've read while at work, church or just out socially, stimulating interest and giving credit to The News for great reporting. If you shop with an advertiser, take the time to let a manager of that establishment know that you saw their ad, and that it helped to spur your visit. I enjoy reading the newspaper and can't imagine not subscribing, but we all know that many members of society have to be shown the value of seeing a new perspective, a deeper examination of an idea or an informative piece about something or someone that is new to you through journalism. Go do something, but don't buy stock unless you're looking at it as an investment.Lloyd Davis, Flower Mound  Continue reading...

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