It's That Bad: Five Ex-presidents Have Teamed Up for Hurricane Harvey Relief

The Haiti earthquake brought together two ex-presidents. Hurricane Harvey has spurred all five living ex-presidents to join forces.The two Republicans and three Democrats launched One America Appeal on Thursday, asking Americans and others around the world to pitch in to rebuild TexasThe aim is to expand the campaign once Hurricane Irma, an especially powerful Category 5 storm, slams into Florida this weekend.The organization's website notes that the 51.88 inches of rain Harvey dumped on Houston exceeds the annual record for rainfall recorded at Bush Intercontinental Airport -- the one just north of Houston named for the eldest of the five, George Bush. The 41st president, 93, lets the others do most of the talking in the half-minute ad, "Our Friends in Texas," which is set to air Thursday night on the NFL's regular season opening game on NBC.Watch it here:  Continue reading...

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