In Victoria, One Resident Works Through Hurricane to Help Fellow Citizens

VICTORIA -- With a storm raging and winds gusting, it would be easy to the little open garage door in the back of Daniel's Small Engine Repair.But Friday afternoon, as the National Weather Service elevated Hurricane Harvey to a Category 4 storm, the garage door was open and inside was Ruben Rosas, tinkering away to make sure generators were up and running for Victoria residents."These things sit around all year and then you need them," Rosas said.That morning, Rosas, 57, had helped his mother and sister prepare for the storm before heading to the shop to fix generators for some customers who wanted to have them ready just in case.One of those customers was John Valdivia, a local business owner, who got soaked by the rain as he loaded up a generator into his SUV, then sheepishly admitted that he had forgotten his wallet at home.Rosas was unperturbed."Just come back and pay us -- if Victoria is still here," Rosas laughed. "If not, we'll call it a freebie."  Continue reading...

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