In ‘Lungs,' a Couple Debate Whether It's Right to Bring a Child Into Our Warming World

"I drive from Dallas to Fort Worth every day to direct this play, so I'm putting carbon into the world," Carson McCain says.She's at the helm of Stage West Theatre's production of Lungs, British playwright Duncan Macmillan's drama about a couple debating whether it's right to bring another human being onto a warming planet. McCain has thought about her carbon footprint before, but now it's on her mind all the time. She even considered including the amount of her car's daily emissions in a program note. "Is it enough that I'm trying? That's the question that these two wonderful people are asking," she says before a recent rehearsal, sitting around a table with actors Dani Nelson and Ruben Carrazana and Stage West executive producer Dana Schultes, who chose Lungs for her company's season. The play runs from July 25 to Aug. 18.  Continue reading...

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