Fort Worth to Train Teachers on Saving Lives in Case of Shooting, Emergency

Across the country, teachers are adding emergency medic-style training to their skills. Fort Worth will soon be among them. School officials are teaming up with the Fort Worth Professional Firefighters Association and Cook Children's Medical Center to learn lifesaving basics to stop blood loss after a shooting or other emergency."This last shooting in Florida had us thinking there must be something we could do to make a difference," said Mike Drivdahl, a Fort Worth firefighter. "So we'll start teaching the training this summer. We've put in some information to make it specific for pediatrics because there is a difference when you're working with kids." Drivdahl said the Fort Worth Firefighters Charities is working to raise money so tourniquet kits will be in every Fort Worth ISD classroom. Such kits typically include gauze, compression bandages and other blood-clotting supplies.Fort Worth ISD spokesman Clint Bond said the program is still taking shape, with a handful of central personnel receiving preliminary training so far. "This is just the beginning, so we'll have to start buying kits and talk to our nurses to make sure they get the training and then we can move forward to decide what's best for our teachers," Bond said. "But we are moving in that direction."  Continue reading...

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