Efforts to Spare Deep Ellum's ‘dangerous Dog' Include Death Threats for Dallas Animal Services Director

For now, and for the foreseeable future, a dog deemed a "ticking time bomb" by the city of Dallas will live. And the man tasked, reluctantly, with her execution grows increasingly frustrated with a situation now tied up in two Dallas courtrooms after dog lovers and defense attorneys rushed to spare the dog known as Lamb of God from the veterinarian's needle."I get it -- we're talking about an animal's life, and I 100 percent empathize," said Ed Jamison, the newly hired director of Dallas Animal Services. Jamison, hailed for his work overhauling animal control in Cleveland, was hired in August to lead an embattled department criticized in recent years for failing to protect the public from loose and dangerous dogs."When an animal loses its life, there's a piece I can feel and appreciate," Jamison said Monday. "But my bigger issue is what brought me here in the first place, which is to keep people safe."  Continue reading...

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