Discoveries From the JFK Files, Cold Front and Wind Advisory, Homeless Shelter for Dallas ISD Students: Your Friday Morning News Roundup

Good morning. Here is a look at the top headlines as we start the day.Weather: Wind Advisory until 10 a.m. Much colder and windy with periods of clouds. Low: 46 degrees. High: 54 degrees, but it will feel colder. Wind: N 15-30 mph.Do you want to get this roundup via email? Sign up for our newsletters here.From the JFK files: Khrushchev thought Dallas police killed Kennedy; CIA's Castro plots; RFK-Marilyn Monroe affairThe federal government released a massive trove of documents late Thursday related to the era of President John F. Kennedy, the investigation into his 1963 assassination and the effort to learn about his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald's murderer, Jack Ruby.An initial review of the thousands of pages of material -- including FBI interviews, reports of CIA activity and other official but long secret records -- surfaced household names of the era, from the actress Marilyn Monroe, to the mobster Sam Giancana and, over and over, John F. Kennedy, whose death in Dallas spelled an end to an age of American innocence.The documents reviewed late Thursday offered significant information related to the investigation into Kennedy's murder, the figures involved in it, and a Cold-War era defined by the government's fight against communism as well as its fear of the burgeoning civil rights movement.And: Deferring to CIA and FBI, Trump delayed the release of some JFK files for at least another 180 days.  Continue reading...

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