Dallas Gets It Right With Memorial to Allen Brooks, Murdered by Lynch Mob in 1910

We memorialize some moments in history because it is important to remember that courage is part of our human story. But we memorialize other moments because it is equally important to remember that an evil lurks deep within the human heart that takes courage and fortitude to defeat in society.So we are heartened that the Dallas City Council decided recently to approve the creation of a memorial to Allen Brooks, who was lynched in this city on March 3, 1910.For those who are unfamiliar with this story, it may be hard to imagine that it actually happened in Dallas. But in late February of that year Brooks, who was black, was found in a barn with a white toddler. Brooks was arrested and accused of attempted rape. Reports tell us that law enforcement hid him to avoid an angry mob. But injustice caught up to him on March 3.  Continue reading...

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