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Ready to see Allred winRe: "Democrats' District 32 race hinges on electability," by Gromer Jeffers Jr., Thursday Metro & State column.Congressional District 32 voters aren't interested in calculating the odds of their preferred choice winning. We know the stakes are high. In the Democratic runoff to unseat Pete Sessions, Colin Allred is the clear favorite. Allred has proven he can expand and diversify the electorate, which is key to Democratic voter turnout in November. A civil rights defender and former NFL player, Allred is the ideal opponent to an obstinate bully whom district voters know is a grave threat to health care and social safety nets. Sessions' fear-mongering and disparaging views of constituents "who don't know how to listen" have left proud families of immigrants, working-class citizens, LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, people of color, young voters and women searching for real representation. Allred's primary lead, grassroots support, social media following, expansive field and fellowship program and impressive endorsements tell the real story. While Allred has beaten the odds his entire life, the odds here are in his favor. As a lifelong district resident, I can't wait to see Allred score this win.Julie Ross, East DallasThanks for the clean campaignsNow that a run-off looms May 22 with early voting starting on May 14, I'm thinking how proud I am of the high-quality candidates put forth in this year's primary, much less for Nov. 6. It hit me that these superior candidates are mostly Democrats. Imagine six men and one woman on one ticket for one job in District 32 to unseat Pete Sessions. How on earth did that manage to be such a "gentlemanly" race (pardon me, Lillian Salerno) with no negative campaigning? Salerno gets credit for setting that goal, and I think it represents a big lesson for others. We shouldn't stoop to the likes of that Angela Paxton/Phillip Huffines GOP race where a million-plus dollars and mud were thrown to win the GOP Primary. That screams of power being more important than service. Beto O'Rourke has come from nowhere with positive messages. No mud thrown in his campaign. None in Mike Collier for Lt. Governor or Kimberly Olson for Agriculture Commissioner. I get their strong messages and urgent desire to win and build a better Texas government, but they aren't insulting my intelligence doing it. Yet, Dallas County lost Judge Rob Canas, one of our finest. Voters, please stay informed.Eulaine Hall, Northwest DallasStop separating refugee familiesAccording to Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, approximately 700 children have been separated from their parents at the border since October 2017. This includes refugees.It is completely unacceptable that refugee families are being separated at the border. The vetting process for those who are attempting to, or have crossed, the border should not mean that refugees are subject to one of the worst traumas — being separated from their families indefinitely and without due process. This causes extreme trauma to children and parents who have already suffered enough.The grief these families are being subject to is something our nation must take account of and make reparations for. What are you, Rep. John Ratcliffe, Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, doing to ensure this does not continue?Dana Renee, Royse CityVote pro-public educationI have read countless articles in The Dallas Morning News about the need for improvement in our Texas Education system. The need for higher teacher pay, less testing, better systems for our special needs students and better work environments. I agree with all of them. The business community has been very vocal about the need for a better workforce. What I don't understand is why voters continue to back our current state government. Go to your favorite search engine and search for "pro-education candidates Texas." Learn who stands for public education in Texas. As a PTA advocate, I have been to Austin to speak about these topics. I was in the room when Don Huffines went on his tirade against public education. We can fix this by voting out those who are not pro-public education. Don't vote by party, vote what is needed in Texas. Vote!Marni Kaner, Far North DallasThere are companies with moralsRe: "Corporate morality has its limits; Closing stores to study racial bias is commendable. But it's not enough, Joshua J. Whitfield says," April 21 Viewpoints.According to Whitfield, Starbucks closing of stores for an afternoon to study racial bias is not enough. He opines that corporate morality is a species of capitalism. It is just morality on the surface, really masking power and profit. It's amazing how he was able to get into the minds of those who made the decision.I don't know if he ever worked in the corporate world, or if he just had a bad experience, but my experience was totally different. I worked for the same company for 38 years, starting on the bottom rung and ending up in the executive ranks, while enjoying every minute of it. Like me, my colleagues used the same moral standards in their business life as in their personal life. The benefactors of this approach were employees, suppliers, customers and communities. And, yes, investors, both large and small, also benefited.I recognize that there are good and bad companies, just as there are good and bad people. It is sad that Whitfield is not able to get over his anti-capitalism and see this reality. I'd hate to think what our great country would look like today without the successes of so many great companies.Ron Wolf, PlanoNot a world-class crossingIs Dallas a world class city?The railroad crossing on the service road of the Dallas North Tollway, just south of West Plano Parkway may suggest otherwise. At this location, the railroad tracks are supported by wood ties that are frequently in disrepair. Interestingly, this track at street crossings immediately east and west of this location have concrete platforms, and these nearby street crossings have substantially less street traffic.In letters to Mayor Michael Rawlings, City Manager T.C. Broadnax and Director of Street Services, Rick Galceran that I sent months ago, I provided photographs of these three railroad crossings. Additionally, I noted the speed limit of 45 mph is impossible without potential damage to one's car and the risk of a rear-end collision. I never got a response from anyone.My hope is that now the expansion construction of the North Dallas Tollway is nearly complete the wood railroad ties will be replaced with a concrete platform.Drew Kaplan, DallasStruggling like WehmeyerThank you for publishing Peggy Wehmeyer's columns about her struggles reconciling her church's behavior with her own beliefs. She isn't alone. Many of us are struggling with the same issues. When a prominent church leader is accepting of a political leader's infidelity, deceit and antipathy for the poor, it forces all of us to question our loyalty to our religion. I look forward to Wehmeyer's future columns.Dan Wallace, Irving  Continue reading...

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