Brett Shipp Tells Mark Davis a Wall Is a Wall and Trump Should Be Impeached

I've welcomed Brett Shipp to my radio show several times over the years, usually to promote his latest investigative exploit as a probing reporter at WFAA. Across an iconic career, those visits have found him in pursuit of answers and accountability across a wide ideological spectrum.His announcement for the Democratic nomination in Texas' 32nd congressional district lands him in a necessarily partisan atmosphere. I wondered if he would jump right in displaying immediate comfort with Democrat talking points, or try to position himself unconventionally. We began with an overview of why he chose to run in a seat routinely won by Pete Sessions by comfortable margins:Did you pick 32 because you think Pete's more beatable than some other incumbents?I'm hearing the same things you are, that he is vulnerable, and that people are ready to say goodbye to him. A lot of Republicans have come out of the woodwork in the past few days to say they're going to support me, that it's time for change... My heart is so touched that so many lifelong Republicans are giving me money and saying they support me.(Let's pause. Brett used an interesting device in our chat more than once, in which he presumes that I've heard something or agree with something and then just says it. In this case, I have heard precisely zero buzz that Sessions is vulnerable in 2018. I have heard it in the past, but only from the corner of the GOP that has never liked Sessions. Since facing fellow redistricted congressional veteran Martin Frost in 2004, Sessions has won by an average of just under 20 points.)  Continue reading...

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