Anyone Who Moves to Collin County for a Conservative Utopia Will Be Disappointed

There has been quite a bit of reporting in the past week about the new Collin County based Conservative Move company that seeks to help "Conservative families move to Conservative areas of America." The proprietor is touting Texas, and especially Collin County, as an ideal place for conservatives to make a home. I normally wouldn't comment on an entrepreneur with a new business, but in this case I feel it would be a public service.There are many very good reasons to move to Collin County. It's a wonderful place to live (except perhaps for Texas summers), with a suburban lifestyle, the amenities of a big city within easy driving distance, great schools, good roads and public services, and a highly educated, prosperous citizenry. However, if people move to Collin County expecting to find a conservative utopia they are going to be very disappointed.  Continue reading...

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