American Airlines' Toll So Far From the 737 Max Groundings: $185 Million and 7,800 Canceled Flights

American Airlines lost $185 million and canceled 7,800 flights during the second quarter after regulators grounded Boeing 737 Max jets.Fort Worth-based American Airlines tallied the 737 Max impact in an investor update Wednesday morning, two weeks ahead of its earnings release. Those numbers only account for losses from the second quarter of April to June. It said it would give a full-year projection when it reports earnings.The 737 Max has been grounded since March with no end in sight after U.S. and European regulators have told Boeing that more fixes would be needed after two plane crashes over the last year killed 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The crashes have been blamed on a faulty software system intended to keep the plane aloft.American has faced a rough few months, blaming a spike in delays and cancelations on problems with the 737 Max jets as well as a labor dispute with union mechanics seeking a new contract.   Continue reading...

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