A Powerful Black Man Was Found Not Guilty in Texas; Let's Make a Movie

On the morning of April 28, my 87-year-old aunt, an avid movie critic, was en route to Dallas see a new great-grandchild and shop. She is in mint condition. The chauffeur (her son) had her in the back seat, which was not going well. I called her immediately after hearing the John Wiley Price trial verdict of not guilty, and I heard a loud hoopla yell on the phone."So glad y'all got that straight before I got there," she said. "Somebody needs to do a movie." She was jubilant, looking to the future and to seeing a movie in her lifetime of a black man found not guilty in Texas, in a purported trial of the century.Upfront and personal, I was not surprised by the verdict. I attended the trial starting with opening statements and encouraged others to do so. I was most concerned with a fair verdict based on the evidence.  Continue reading...

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