Dallas Artist Painting With Flames to Inspire Youth

Paints cosmic landscapes

Artist Martin Martinez has the capability to stun any audience with his intriguing way of creating cosmic works of art.

"I love music, I love acting, and I love art. Growing up it was very confusing, I wanted to do all those three things," Martinez said.

Martinez uses a combination of spray paint and flames to create paintings of cosmic landscapes with rapid precision.

"I compile many colors above each other, never straighten down, and what happens, I flame it to create a crust that allows it to thicken as I go along," Martinez describes.

But it's been an arduous road to get where he is now. Martinez dropped out of school at the age of 14. Eventually after seeing his friends going down the wrong path he decided to head back to school five years later earning his GED.

"Education is extremely important regardless of what you do," Martinez said.

He now goes to schools across the country showing off his skills and tells students about the benefits of staying in school.

"Don't waste your energy and what you feel, find something that's going to explore it for you for me it was art," Martinez said.

Starting in flea markets to private parties and even doing work for NASA, Martinez is now in Dallas' West End historical district performing his craft.

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