Sophistication Between Soft Shells

Restaurant outgrows nook in gas station

Think tacos with a fine dining twist. That's the idea behind “Good 2 Go Taco” in Dallas.

It’s also a restaurant where chefs will put recipes you’ll find in a five-star restaurant between their toasted tortillas. 
“We’re just kind of a neighborhood place,” said co-owner Jeana Johnson. Both Johnson and her business partner, Colleen O'Hare, are professional chefs with decades of experience who wanted to start their own business. They cook what they call "not your average tacos."

“We just basically started making all of the food that we’ve been making you know for the last 15 years now we just put it inside a tortilla," said Johnson. "So, rather than your traditional al pastore or barbacoa we have waffle battered fried chicken, hanger steak and things like that. We really flex our culinary muscles."

"You’ll find things like Beurre Blanc which totally belongs in a fine dining restaurant, but we use it on our tacos because that’s what we know and that’s where we come from.,” said Johnson.

Beurre Blanc is a white-wine butter sauce. It’s a choice just as creative as their first location -- inside a gas station. They were there for two days shy of a full year.

“Our lease ended at the old space. It’s really just supposed to be a temporary thing. We were an incubation thing project for our location so we sub-leased the kitchen there,” said Johnson.

Business boomed so much the two opened their own restaurant six blocks away.

“When we started out we brought a lot of our customers here with us and our neighborhood has been just really super loyal to us and unbelievably amazing,” said Johnson.

The duo is extending the roots of the startup mentality.

“We carried on that tradition here by subleasing to Cultivar Coffee. So, hopefully we can keep that trend of incubating small businesses within out neighborhood,” said Johnson.

Nathan Shelton, who co-owns Cultivar Coffee, appreciates the arrangement.

“It’s definitely, having somebody see that potential has been very rewarding and you know as successful as they’ve been just for them to see that in us is great,” said Shelton.

Back in the taco kitchen, it’s gourmet done fast. Everything is prepared by hand. No convenience food or canned food is used.

One of the tacos you can order is the called the "Hangover Helper." Inside, you'll find mashed potatoes, smashed red skins with sour cream and a house made chorizo, organic pork and a little cheddar on top.

Vegetarians have an option called "The Nightshade" made with squash, eggplant feta cheese and tofu.

Or how about the "SoCo?" That’s made with breakfast sausage, egg, biscuits potatoes and gravy.

In the end, Good 2 Go tacos put sophistication between soft shells.

Good 2 Go Taco
1146 Peavy Road
Dallas, TX 75218

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