Bluebonnet Season is Here

As winter turns into spring, a familiar sight is beginning to show up along North Texas highways, Bluebonnets.

The state flower certainly brings a smile to many as they drive by and is usually a good sign that warmer weather is on the horizon. It's also a time for families to take traditional pictures of loved ones nestled in fields full of blue.  Share your Bluebonnet photos here.

The Texas Department of Transportation offers information on bluebonnet and other wildflower sightings both in map and text form.

The University of Texas at Austin, has actually set up a bluebonnet camera, where you can watch the flowers bloom.

Texas Native and former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson is credited with the reason why we see wildflowers along the nation's highways.

The Beautification Act of 1965, known as "Lady Bird's Bill," was a result of the first lady's campaign for national beautification.

The bill pushed for planting flowers, along with removing billboards and junkyards from the nation's highways.

If you love to look for Bluebonnets blooming and know of a good location you can share your sightings in the comment box below to let other North Texans in on your secret.  You can also share your Bluebonnet photos by uploading them here.

Take a look at other NBCDFW users' Bluebonnet photos in the gallery to the left.

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