Erkyah Badu Twitters Her Baby's Birth

I could go "On and On" about the virtues of following our Twitter feed, but the really big tweets of the last couple of days are from Dallas local Erkyah Badu who broadcast (or is it twit-cast? or is it just tweeted? @dfwaroundtown with the answer) the birth of her baby.

Unfair Park has an actual image of the feed mid-birthing, but if you want to follow fatbellybella's updates you'll have to make a request.

This begs the questions: why call play-by-play of the birth for over 5,000 of what are surely Erkyah's closest friends, lock up the feed, then send out a press release telling the world about it and claiming to be "the first hip-hop couple to ever tweet the birth of a new child?" Also, who wants to read a play-by-play of a baby being born?

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