Albertsons is Lookin' Good

I've been so focused on Kroger this week, I've ignored everyone else! How completely unfair of me!

Alberstons has some great deals this week using their in-ad coupons! Here's a look at what I scored today. Sorry, no picture. We were too fast at putting it all away once we got home! Didn't sound like much fun to drag it all back out again. Woops.

Albertsons Deals (thru 7/27)

Oscar Meyer Deli Meat (9 oz packages)
- Use $1 printable coupon here
- Use $2.49 in-ad coupon
= Total cost is $1.49

Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water (6 pack)
- Use $1/2 coupon here (may not be available any longer, but check your stash!)
- Use 69¢ in-ad coupon
= Total cost is 19¢ each

French's Mustard (Honey, Spicy, and Regular)
- Use 30¢ coupon from 6/20 SS
- Use 99¢ in-ad coupon
= Total cost is 9¢ each

Dreyer's Ice Cream
- Use $1/2 coupon from 5/23 Parade magazine
- Use $1.99 in-ad coupon
= Total cost is $1.49 each

Mott's Apple Juice 99¢
- Use 50¢ coupon from 6/13 SS
= Total cost is FREE

We ran in today and I completely forgot about the apple juice, I hate it when that happens! They were out of regular mustard so I got some spice & honey. Not sure if we will like either one, though!

Total out of pocket was $10.41 for the following (in 2 transactions)

(4) Oscar Meyer deli meats
(8) 6-packs of Nestle bottled water (we use bottled water sparingly, but this is a great price for an emergency stock!)
(2) Dreyer's Ice Cream
(3) French's mustard

When you're using Albertson's in-ad coupons, I suggest you use them AFTER any MQ's. Also, if you're in self check-out or you're just watching the cashier scan the coupons, make sure the Alberston's store coupon is scanned once for every item purchased. In other words, if you purchase 2 bottles of mustard, you (or the cashier) will have to scan the in-ad coupon twice for the full amount to be deducted. It's not like Walgreens where the coupon is scanned once and automatically deducts for every item purchased.

Happy Couponing!

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