Texas Mom and Daughter Get Awesome Makeovers on The Today Show

Mother-daughter duo crosses Ambush Makeover off bucket list

A mother and daughter from Texas were the latest people plucked from the Today show plaza for makeovers Thursday.

Regina Loughridge from McKinney and her 75-year-old mother Frankie Kamp from Kemah were selected by hairstylist Louis Licari and Today fashion contributor Jill Martin.

In the pre-makeover interview Loughridge said, "This Hoda hair has to go!" And that's exactly what happened.

As with all of the Thursday transformations, Loughridge's makeover included a new hairstyle, makeup and an cream dress.

But Kamp, who was holding a sign that said "75 and ready to dye,"  received the most dramatic makeover.

Ambush Makeovers recipients don't get to see themselves until the segment airs, and when Kamp turned to the mirror she said, "Are y'all sure that's me?"

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