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Ben Affleck Talks Wife Jennifer Garner, Bromance with Matt Damon, and Staying in Touch With Ex Jennifer Lopez

"Argo" director opens up about turning 40 and balancing his career with his kids.



    Ben Affleck Talks Wife Jennifer Garner, Bromance with Matt Damon, and Staying in Touch With Ex Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Affleck, director, producer and a cast member of the film "Argo," waves at the premiere of the film at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

    From his "Good Will Hunting" days to his infamous time as one-half of Bennifer to his quiet family life with wife Jennifer Garner, we've always had a soft spot for Ben Affleck.

    The Academy Award-winning actor is currently working hard to cement his transition to esteemed Hollywood director with his latest film, "Argo," a political thriller based loosely on the true story of the rescue of six U.S. soldiers during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis.

    Gracing the cover of The Hollywood Reporter this week, Ben sat down with the mag to discuss the good and the bad in Hollywood biz, and it turns out this world-famous face is just your average 40-year-old dad to his three children.

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    [NATL] "Argo"
    Ben Affleck directed and stars in this film based on the true story of the CIA's daring rescue of six U.S. diplomats stuck in Tehran at the height of the Iran Hostage Crisis.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 16, 2013)

    "There are so many decisions to be made, and it's more than you can get to each day," he says of trying to balance work and family life. "There is this underlying anxiety not just about getting the movie done but getting it done really well. It keeps my head spinning--even when I am giving the kids a bath. I can be giving them a bath or feeding them, and sometimes they say, 'Dad, pay attention!'"

    He openly admits that his life is consumed by work and family, and he now chooses to spend his free time with Jen and their children--daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, and 7-month-old son Samuel.

    "Kids eat up that kind of hobby time," he admits. "I used to ride motorcycles. I used to play basketball. And now basically I'm at home with them, or I work."

    "Argo" Hollywood Premiere

    [NATL] "Argo" Hollywood Premiere
    Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman discuss the Oscar buzz around their new film, "Argo." Affleck directed this film, which portrays the rescue of six U.S. diplomats during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.
    (Published Tuesday, March 4, 2014)

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    Luckily, Ben has a lifelong partner in wife Jennifer Garner to lend a helping hand, and he can't help but gush over his beautiful wife of seven years:

    "She truly is kind," he says. "She means no one any harm. She doesn't have ill will for any person. She's not competitive with other people. She's not spiteful," he shares with pride before adding, "It's one of those things where it becomes almost aggravating at times. Every time I go, 'F-- him!' I see in her face that she just thinks that's petty and small."

    The filmmaker credits his wife with being a major support system, and it may come as a surprise that he still keeps in touch with ex-Jennifer Lopez, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow and his high school girlfriend, Cheyenne Rothman:

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    "We don't have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice," he says of J.Lo, "but we do have the kind of relationship where there'll be an e-mail saying, 'Oh, your movie looks great.' I remember when she got "American Idol." I said: 'This was really smart. Good luck.' I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She's put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I'm really pleased to see her successful."

    Although Ben appears to have aged with a unique Hollywood grace, he does admit that turning 40 was tough (remember, Blake Lively made him feel old!) for the A-list star:

    "It was not fun for me," says Affleck of the milestone age. "It's this moment of bifurcation between youth and middle age. One wants to think of oneself as young. One does not want to think, "Wait a minute! How can I be halfway to death?'"

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    Even though Ben might feel like he's getting old (his looks certainly aren't fading!), we bet his bromance with Matt Damon gives the dude a youthful glow:

    "[Matt and I] see each other almost too often," Affleck admits of his friendship with Damon. "I wonder if his wife is thinking, 'Is he really going to come over every night?'"

    Aww, talk about one of the coolest Hollywood hunks in the biz! We're officially Ben Affleck lovers for life.

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