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Scoop: Were Barkley, Jordan models for Woods?



    Scoop: Were Barkley, Jordan models for Woods?
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    "I have someone down in front of my house. They hit a pole. - from the 911 transcript

    Tiger Woods’ “indiscretions” began with a pair of bad influences, claims one of his former mistresses.

    “He was always palling around with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan,” the woman said. “They’re the ones who showed him the way.”

    It’s ironic, then, that since the scandal broke, Barkley says he and Jordan have been unable to reach Woods.

    What would he say if he could talk to the golfer? “I would tell him I love him,” Barkley told the Sporting News on Wednesday. “I have been disappointed with the people who are around him. They have got him so locked up. I know myself and Michael (Jordan have) been trying to get to him and we just want to tell him: ‘Hey, man, we love you and you are our friend.’ You need to know in times like this you have got friends.”

    Barkley also believes that it’s time for Woods to show his face.

    “I am so pissed that they have got him holed up,” he said. “He is a 33-year-old grown man. He did something wrong to his wife. He has to answer to her and his kids. That’s it. But this notion that he is hiding out ... I mean he hasn’t shown his face in almost two weeks.”

    If Woods does appear in public, it will likely be without his wife, Elin Nordegren, or his two young children. Elin is due to depart shortly for Sweden, where she will spend the Christmas holiday, according to a source. No word yet on Tiger’s plans.

    Tiger mistress good source of free advertising
    Jamie Jungers, the Las Vegas-based model who claims she had an 18-month affair with Woods, is proving to be a good source of free advertising.

    Jungers was conveniently spotted — and photographed — snacking on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet cookies: “She doesn’t want to gain any unnecessary, stress-related pounds!” said the accompanying press release.

    A press release touting Jungers’ “O-face” and using photos taken at a private tasting event for Three-O Root Beer Vodka was also issued. “Guess she’s hoping to remind the golf star what he’s missing?” asked the accompanying release.

    Other than a free cookie and bottle of vodka, Jungers is not profiting from publicity, according to the companies. “No, nothing official” in terms of an agreement, said a Three-O rep. “Three-O has private tastings a lot around the city, and she certainly wasn’t shy about posing!”

    Motherly Love?
    Last Friday, Courtney Love lost custody of her daughter, 17-year-old Frances Bean Cobain. A Los Angeles judge ruled that Cobain would be taken under the care of her paternal grandmother and aunt.

    Love’s reaction to the change in custody isn’t likely to earn any favor with the courts: On her Facebook account she lashed out at her child in a series of misspelled messages.

    “I hate to sound cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s*** has lost her position,” said one. In another, she said of her daughter: “She was deceptive she lied and shes lying to herself … my daihgter is not always honest.”

    The reasons Love lost custody of her daughter aren’t clear. The court order that established the change in custody is valid until February.


    Keeping tabs on the Reese/Jake breakup
    There’s a dearth of newsworthy, interesting covers hitting newsstands this week.

    OK! splashes “Kendra’s Baby Joy” on its cover (I’m confounded by the idea that this will sell well); Star photoshops a picture that originally contained Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and Tiger Woods to include only Woods and Simpson in a feeble attempt to connect the two romantically; and People magazine has its year-end issue, which features Taylor Swift, who’s just so played out at this point.

    And that leaves really the only contender, US Weekly. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal weren’t exactly exciting and high drama when they were dating, and it’s doubtful their breakup story breaks the mold. But at least it’s news.

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