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What to Do With Rangers Jerseys of Departed Players



    So you bought all your Texas Rangers gear with your favorite players name on it, the problem is that player was Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Mike Adams or Mike Napoli. So what should you do with that old jersey or T-shirt?

    You could do what Chris Brown did, he burned his Hamilton jersey. Brown said he was at his company Christmas party on Friday night, and after they were done cooking he decided to toss his No. 32 jersey into the smoker to watch it burn.

    Bitter? Maybe a little, but only because Hamilton went to the Angels.

    "He could have gone to pretty much any other team out there and it wouldn't have bothered me this much. Plus, what happened to the Rangers getting a chance to match? I kind of felt like he didn't really want to come back but I think this proves it," said Brown. "He made his choice to take the money and run so now I get to boo him every time he comes back, and I will enjoy it as much as he is enjoying his pile of money."

    So other than using it for kindling, we wanted to give you some ideas for recycling that Rangers memorabilia.

    Jerseys Ideas:

    • Cut the jersey into squares and use them to patch your jeans.
    • Using a pattern make the jersey into a stocking for Christmas (works particularly well if the jersey is red)
    • Cut the jersey into strips and make a place mat or trivet to protect your counter or table from hot dishes
    • Instead of packing peanuts stuff that box with your old jersey (now your out of date player jersey is someone else's problem)
    • Make a no sew tote bag out of your jersey (or T-shirt) for all those trips to the grocery store.

    T-Shirt Ideas:

    • Use your T-shirt as a dust rag or a soft cloth for cleaning windows or your car.
    • Make your T-shirt into a bib for a baby. Do you really care if there's spit up on it?
    • Turn your T-shirt into a diaper/nappy. Again, do you really care if the baby has a diaper blowout?
    • Cut the T-shirt into strands to make a custom headband.
    • Make your T-shirt into a pillow.
    • If you have enough outdated T-shirts make a quilt.

    After you have find a new use for your old T-shirt or jersey share it with us in the comments section below and after you've converted your jersey or T-shirt email us a picture at iSee@nbcdfw.com! Chris Brown is using his photo (above) as his cover photo for Facebook.