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Mom of Crying Kid: Couple That Caught Foul Ball Was Nice



    The mother of the 3-year-old boy who cried when the couple next to him caught a foul ball at a Texas Rangers game says she feels bad the couple has received negative attention over it.

    Mitch Moreland tossed a foul ball into the stands during Wednesday night's game against the New York Yankees. Kyle Shores propped up his 3-year-old son, Cameron, to try to catch the ball. But they missed, and the couple sitting next to them caught it.

    "I saw the ball on the floor and so then I just assumed Kyle got it, and then Cameron started crying ... so I just tried to console him," said Cameron's mother, Crystal. "So I really ... didn't know a whole lot about what was going on because it just happened so fast."

    She said she felt bad about the criticism directed at the couple that caught the ball.

    "I felt sorry for Cameron and for the other couple because they were made out to be such horrible, cold-hearted people, and I just ... didn't get that impression from them at all. They were sweet. They talked to Cameron a lot."

    The Shores said the couple seemed nice and even offered the ball to their son toward the end of the game. But another ball had been tossed up to the them from the dugout before the end of the night.

    "The guy was talking to him and was like, 'You know, if you didn't get another ball, I would have given you the ball,'" Crystal Shore said.

    Cameron's parents said they did not expect their son's tears to become a viral video sensation.

    A video of the moment was caught on the video screen and footage of the incident from the YES Network -- the harsh commentary on the network -- went viral. Before the Shores knew it, everyone had seen it.

    "We didn't think it was going to be a big deal, but then when I was driving to work, I heard it on the radio," Kyle Shores said.

    He said he and wife got text messages and phone calls from people in North Carolina and Washington telling them Cameron was on TV.