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Mediocre Cowboys More Popular Than Red Hot Rangers



    The Rangers are on a roll, but experts say they still live in the shadow of the Cowboys. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011)

    The Texas Rangers arrived home Tuesday night after clinching a spot in the AL championship series for the second year in a row.

    But despite the team's success, one question lingers: Can the Rangers ever be more popular than the Dallas Cowboys at home?

    Experts say, not a chance.

    "The Cowboys are America's Team, and they'll always be America's Team," said Bill Ford, a professor at the University of North Texas' Mayborn School of Journalism.

    Ford, who also runs his own company specializing in brand positioning, said the Cowboys remain the country's most profitable sports franchise.

    "People love Tony Romo one week, they hate Tony Romo the next week," he said. "But they always love the Cowboys. And they're always going to root for the Cowboys."

    TV ratings show even a mediocre Cowboys season draws many more viewers than the hottest Rangers' season.

    Forbes Magazine estimates the Rangers are worth $561 million -- up 25 percent over last year when the team emerged from bankruptcy and made it to the World Series.

    By comparison, the magazine values the Cowboys at more than three times the Rangers' value at $1.85 billion -- up just 2 percent from 2010.

    But Ford says over time, winning does count for something.

    "The Rangers winning has everybody talking," he said. "And that's one of the best things about creating a brand and building a brand."

    He said the buzz will translate into more money in the form of increased sales for everything from hot dogs to tickets.