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CJ Wilson Might've Violated MLB's Social Media Policy

Over the weekend, Wilson tweeted the cell phone number of former teammate Mike Napoli



    CJ Wilson’s “prank” of Rangers’ catcher Mike Napoli, apparently in response to Napoli saying he intended to take his former teammate deep when the two teams meet, just might get Wilson in trouble with league offices.

    Over the weekend, Wilson tweeted Napoli’s cell phone number to a horde of followers, under the guise of it being his own. Predictably enough, the number was flooded with calls and texts--and, predictably enough, Napoli wasn’t happy about the move. He said in response that, basically, he and Wilson aren’t that good of friends--that they hadn’t talked since last season ended, and they certainly weren’t close enough to pull such pranks on one another.

    Now, it’s being reported that Wilson’s less-than-funny prank might be a violation of the MLB’s social media policy. It pretty much seems that tweeting another player’s private phone number is a no-no, but we’ll leave the exact wording to paragraph 4 of the league’s social media policy, via HardballTalk.com:

    4. Displaying or transmitting Content that contains confidential or proprietary information of any MLB Entity or its employees or agents, including, for example, financial information, medical information, strategic information, etc.

    Sure sounds like a violation to us, and perhaps it’s this, paired with the fact that no one (we’ve heard from, anyway) thinks his “prank” was all that funny, that has led Wilson to refuse questions about the incident.