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Borbon Disappoints Washington



    Julio Borbon has been given chance after chance after chance to secure the starting center field job for the Texas Rangers, and time after time after time he's let it slip away.

    It appears he's at it again after a big blunder in Wednesday's Cactus League game against the Kansas City Royals when he failed to get down a bunt on a suicide squeeze attempt.

    Borbon was unable to get a bunt down on two tries, bunting two pitches foul, which of course turned the squeeze play off with risk of a third bunt going foul for the strikeout. Instead, Borbon just struck out the old fashioned way, drawing the ire of his manager.

    "The second time, that's no excuse," Washington told the media after the game. "You get a second shot, you're not supposed to miss it."

    Conversely, Yorvit Torrealba laid down a perfect bunt with runners on first and second that was supposed to be a sacrifice to move the runners but ended up being a base hit.

    A catcher isn't supposed to be a good bunter, a speedy centerfielder that will likely hit ninth in the order is supposed to be.

    "[There's] no excuse for not bunting," Washington said. "That's the job. And if they can't do that..."

    That trailing off at the end can correctly be read as complete disgust by Washington. Borbon's chances of making the 25-man roster took a big hit on Wednesday night.