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Woody Allen's European Road Trip Heading for Copenhagen



    Next stop, Denmark.

    Woody Allen has released films in the past decade set in London, Barcelona, Paris and New York, this year comes "Nero Fiddled" set in Rome. Now he appears to be setting his sights on Copenhagen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film still has no title, and no one knows sharing any plot details about the film, which would shoot in 2013.

    The allure of the Danish capital is much the same as the previous European locations: massive government subsidies that keep costs way down. Copenhagen is at work establishing a film fund to lure international talent, and having Allen as part of their kick-off would no doubt signal that they mean business.

    Europe has clearly been good to Allen, artistically as well as commercially, as he just last month won his first Oscar in 25 years, Best Original Screenplay for "Midnight in Paris."

    "Midnight in Paris"

    [NATL] "Midnight in Paris"
    Owen Wilson stars in Woody Allen's latest, as a struggling novelist who vacations in the City of Lights with his fiancee, played by Rachel McAdams, and her family, only to fall for the charms of the city and, more specifically, a beautiful fashion student played by Marion Cotillard. Opens May 20.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013)