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Anjelica Huston Having a 'Smash'-ing Good Time on TV



    Anjelica Huston was a sensation well before “Smash,” but the Oscar-winning actress says her first stint on episodic TV – as Eileen Rand, the ex-wife of a fabled Broadway producer tenaciously trying to prove herself in his business – is simply, well, smashing.

    What is it that you really like about your character?

    She's a real woman working in a man's world. It's not just a black-and-white character. There's a lot of grey area with her. People have asked, 'Is she a b****?' I've said, 'Yeah, she's a b****.'

    Were you looking for a series when this came up?

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    No, I wasn't looking for anything other than something to really immerse myself in. I'm really happy that this is it. It's really inspiring to work with all of these people.

    Do you expect to hear from real Broadway producers once this airs, giving you pointers to inform your performance?

    I hope so. Actually, several of our investors and producers on the show are directly from Broadway and are the real thing, so I'm picking up clues as we go along. There are several characters who I have to deal with, and they're the real thing. So I hear great backstories about Tom Stoppard and people like that.

    What else can we expect from her?

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    The beautiful Gracie Gummer – Meryl Streep’s daughter – plays my daughter in an episode and that was fantastic..

    You had a lovely turn in the under-appreciated  '50/50.' Was that just a fluke that that happened?

    I was just asked to be in it, and I'd seen 'The Wackness' – which was Jonathan Levine's previous film which I really admired. It was a low budget movie from the heart, and there's nothing I like better than that. It was beautiful writing. Will Reiser's script is so true and so moving. It was as privilege to be able to do that, to work with them.