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Romo-Williams Connection "Not Even Close"



    Roy Williams took time on Wednesday to deliver a grim, realistic, and kind of predictable assessment of his on-field rapport with Tony Romo. "We're not even close," said Williams, in a post on ESPNDallas. Williams has caught 14 of 37 passes thrown his way this season, indicating an inability to get on the same age with his quarterback.

    Magnifying these troubles is the seeming instant rapport Romo has found with Miles Austin, who in three starts this season has already eclipsed the stats put up by Williams over his time in Dallas.

    Austin in the past three games: 482 yards, five touchdowns.

    Williams, through 16 games in Dallas: 447 yards, three touchdowns.

    Oh, but Williams is the Cowboys No.1 receiver. Jerry said it yesterday. Williams confirmed it today. The difference between he and the No.2--the aforementioned Austin--is in great part the quality of passes heaved their way, according to Williams.

    "I'm the No. 1 receiver, but things are just going No. 2's way," Williams said. "He gets the ball thrown correctly his way. I'm stretching and falling and doing everything. Everybody who's been here's balls are there. Our footballs are everywhere right now." 

    The immediate reaction would be to dismiss Williams' comments as petty complaints, but there is certainly some evidence to back this claim--like, for example, second and third down on the first drive against Seattle, on which Romo's throws went high and wide, respectively. The million dollar question, so to speak, is why Romo and Williams have arrived at such an impasse, while Austin--who began the season as the No. 3--flourishes.

    While the answer to this question seems far off, Williams contends that he is more than happy to be 5-2, and in Dallas, regardless of his role in the offense.

    "I like winning," Williams said. "Just straight up winning, I'm not B.S.-ing nobody, I just love winning.

    "Coming from the situation I came from, you would love winning, too."