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NFC East Power Rankings: Week 8



    In a weekly post, we'll talk about where teams in the NFC East sit after each weekend of play.

    1. New York Giants (6-2) — The Giants are fortunate to be where they are, but they're well-entrenched in first place in the NFC East after a rollercoaster of a win against the Cowboys on Sunday in which they led 23-0 and seemed to have lost the game in the final seconds on what would've been a phenomenal play from Dez Bryant only to have him ruled out by literally a fingertip. The Giants' offensive line might not be any better than the Cowboys', and their secondary seems to be downright awful, but they've still cruised out to a solid start through eight games.

    2. Dallas Cowboys (3-4) — The Cowboys jump up a spot here, and could make a solid case that if not for a missed field goal in Baltimore and a fingertip they could easily be one game back of the Giants in the division with a season sweep of the defending champs. But you know the old saying, "if ifs and buts...". Yeah. The defense played inspired football despite losing its best player the previous week and now head to Atlanta for a Sunday night matchup against the league's last undefeated team. These are the type of games the Cowboys jump up and win (see New Orleans Saints a few years back).

    3. Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) — This might be one of the biggest messes of a team in all of football, if not the biggest mess. The Eagles fired their defensive coordinator, then got shredded on Sunday. Now there's heavy rumors that Michael Vick's time as the team's starting quarterback could be coming to an end in a desperation move by Andy Reid, who seems to be on his last leg. Things appear to be in a massive downward trend in Philly. This'll be fun to watch.

    4. Washington Redskins (3-5) — Robert Griffin III had one of the worst games of his brief, stellar career, and it showed as the Redskins weren't able to hang on Sunday in a matchup that seemed to work in their favor. The rookie tandem of Griffin and running back Alfred Morris will win this game some games on their own, but the defense is in a bad way, especially in the secondary.