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Jesse Holley Gets Mike Irvin a Sugar Cookie, Chance at Roster Spot



    Jesse Holley Gets Mike Irvin a Sugar Cookie, Chance at Roster Spot

    There are three candidates on the Cowboys vying to be the team’s #2 receiver opposite Roy Williams (who recently discovered that picking up a weight and then putting it back down actually helps build up muscle tissue).  Miles Austin seems to be Jerry Jones’ preferred guy, with the always-productive Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd (whose name sounds like that of an old Western actor.  Sam Hurd in… “They Came With Injuns!”) also competing for the spot.  That doesn’t leave much room for other wideouts to make the roster. 

    But there is one notable/intriguing wideout story going into camp: Jesse Holley, who arrives to the Cowboys as the winner of Michael Irvin’s reality show, 4th And Long.  I never watched an episode of 4th and Long, so I can only assume challenges on the show included how quickly you can stab your teammate in the neck with scissors, how much money you can make by operating a charity basketball team and skimming the profits.  I would have auditioned for the show, but my time in the cokehead shuttle run is subpar.

    Anyway, Holley is something of an underdog story heading into camp, if you can categorize a dude who played at UNC and was also a member of the 2004 basketball team there that won the national title an underdog.  I don’t.  But hey, this is as close as it gets.  The reality is that Holley has as much chance of making the final team as Stefan Fatsis did with the Denver Broncos.  But every training camp needs a human interest story to pass the time away until real football begins.  And Holley will have to do.

    Holley arrived at camp yesterday with Irvin and the show continued. As in all the reports, including Scott's talk with him, Holley comes across as a likable fellow who just wants a fair shake at a job.  I also like the tattoo of his that says TALENT on his forearm.  That lets you know he’s talented! 

    The Dallas Morning News has video of it you can watch here. A choice quote from our little Ruettiger:

    I have tremendous confidence in me.

    You don’t need the “in me” part there, Jesse.  I see the coaches at UNC never sent you to the National Grammar Rodeo.  Irvin also shows up at the end of the clip in an Affliction shirt.  I thought Leonard Davis looked like a moron in an Affliction shirt.  Once again, Irvin raises the bar.  Irvin had some advice for his protogee.

    The football is gold, and the end zone is the bank.  Take your gold and deposit it in the bank.

    He then screamed out, “SENIORITY!  SENIORITY, MOTHERF—KER!”  And then he jumped on Holley’s back and made Holley carry him to his Bentley.