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In The Cold November Rain



    Up until yesterday, Tony Romo was Mr. November in Dallas. Sunday’s game represented Romo’s chance to win his 14th straight game in the month of November, which would have represented the longest streak for any quarterback since 1970.

    Of course, as you know now, Romo didn’t keep that streak going. Yesterday’s honorary shutout from the Packers represented not only an end to the Cowboys four-game winning streak, and an end to the three-game streak of you NOT wanting to rake out your own eyes while watching the Cowboys play, it also marked the end to Romo’s enchanted November run.

    And you know what? Good. Seriously, I can’t think of a lamer tag for a hotshot quarterback than Mr. November. Oh, so you’re awesome in the PENULTIMATE month of the season? Well, that’s great. That’s like being really good at half a brain surgery. But Romo’s record in DECEMBER, a month that ALSO consists of important games, some even more important, is 5-8.

    You can look at Sunday’s egg-laying at Green Bay two different ways. You can see it as a sign that the Cowboys have decided to begin their late season slide a little bit early this year, and that these final seven weeks of the season will be a horrorshow of debilitating chokery. OR, you can look at it as an early slap in the face to a team that can always use one. Perhaps, a loss in November like this could do Romo and company some good. Perhaps NOW would be a good time for them to realize they have to get their act together if they want to stay on top of the division. It’s a lesson they learned all too late in seasons past.