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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Sam Hurd on Drug Charges



    A federal grand jury indicted former Dallas Cowboy Sam Hurd and another man Wednesday on drug charges following Hurd's arrest in Chicago last month.

    Hurd and Toby Lujan each were indicted on one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine and one count of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

    The indictment -- a formal accusation that someone has committed a crime -- indicates prosecutors are moving forward with the case. But it does not include any new allegations that were not already contained in the criminal complaint, which was released after his arrest outside a fancy Chicago steak restaurant on Dec. 14.

    Together, the indictment and the more detailed criminal complaint portray Hurd as living a double life -- leaving practice with the Chicago Bears to make large-scale narcotics deals.

    Reached Wednesday, Hurd's attorney Brett Greenfield said he would present a vigorous defense. He declined to say whether Hurd knew Lujan or discuss other details of the case. He also repeated his earlier denial that any other NFL players are involved.

    The investigation began in July when Hurd was still a Dallas Cowboy and before he signed with the Bears. At the time, the NFL lockout was ending.

    According to court documents, here is how the case unfolded:

    • On July 27, an informant told agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, that a Coppell auto repair shop employee identified now as Lujan was trying to make large drug purchases for another man in Chicago. The second man turned out to be Hurd.
    • Agents set up an undercover sting, arranging for a Dallas County constable to pull over the auto shop employee on his way to meet with the informant. They found $88,000 cash inside the car, which was registered to Hurd.
    • Hurd, still a Cowboy at the time, claimed he had left the money in his car before sending it to the auto shop and asked federal agents for the money back. He agreed to an interview at the ICE office and provided bank receipts, but the records did not support his claim.

    He was arrested walking to his car with a bag of cocaine, given to him by the informant and an undercover ICE agent after he negotiated to buy five to 10 kilos of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana per week, the complaint said.

    Hurd spent five seasons with the Cowboys and signed with the Bears on July 29. The Bears cut him after his arrest.

    He has already appeared before a federal judge in Chicago.

    His arraignment, which is the first court proceeding he will be required to attend in Dallas, will likely be set for sometime in the next several weeks.

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