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Does The Double J Dare Call In The Freak?



    With Miles Austin out tonight and Dez Bryant playing with a bum quad (not to mention that he's a constant head case waiting to happen), you're going to see a whole lot of Tony Romo and his three functional ribs throwing to Jason Witten this evening. You're gonna see Witten catch the ball down the seam. You're gonna see Witten catch the ball from being split out wide. You might even see Witten catch the ball after throwing it to himself. That's how dependent the Cowboys will be on Witten tonight, and the reason why is because this receiving corps has absolutely no depth. Of course, there IS a way to address such shortcomings. Adam Schefter tweeted today that Randy Moss is open to returning to the NFL, and guess which team was among those he singled out as a potential destination?


    Randy Moss open to returning to winning team, with seasoned QB, proper comp. Pats, Eagles, NYJ, NYG, Cowboys, Bears could interest him.

    I think you and I both know that Moss didn't retire 100% willingly. No one out there wanted Moss, certainly not at the price he was asking. But now he sees the likes of Dallas and Philly struggling with injuries and lo and behold! Here we have his agen... er, Schefter... "reporting" that Moss might deign to come back provided the money's right. How sweet of him.

    Now, all that snark aside, the Cowboys really do have some issues at wideout. Jesse Holley's story is very nice, but he's not a guy you want as your #4 wideout. And Kevin Ogletree isn't doing much good at the #3 slot. This team is in desperate need of depth at the position, especially if they lose this game tonight and find themselves looking up at New York and Washington in the standings. I guarantee you right now that the Double J has already thoroughly entertained the idea of bringing in a free agent like Donnie Avery or even the corpse of Antonio Bryant. He's not going down without exhausting every option.

    Which brings us to Moss. After destroying his reputation last season, it's easy to assume that Moss would be motivated to be on his best behavior if Dallas were to bring him in. The problem is that he wants to be compensated handsomely NOW, almost as a kind of retirement gift. And when Randy Moss goes wrong for a team, he goes REAL wrong for a team. That's why no team will touch him right now, because he can make any bad situation worse. So while the Double J has already had daydreams of Moss clearing out the secondary to give Jason Witten all the room in the world, even he knows it would be a bad idea to bring him into what is already a fragile situation. I mean, I assume he knows. He does know, right? Please tell me he knows.