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Dear Roy, You're a Cowboy Now



    This is an open letter from the Cowboys fandom (me) to Roy Williams. Feel free to recommend it on Facebook so Roy will see it. (That makes no sense, but go with it).

    Dear Mr. Roy Williams,

    Look, Roy, being a good ol' West Texas boy like myself, I've always had a soft spot for you, and frankly, I was absolutely thrilled when Double J traded two high draft picks for you. We were trading draft picks for a proven No. 1 receiver, right? Well, um...

    Anyway, enough of the negativity, everyone's been hard on you since you got back to Texas and you've taken it like a champ, never really complaining when the media says you suck, and I can applaud you for that because I know it had to be tough. I mean, there was some pointless calling out of your quarterback a few times that just made you look like a big whiner, but wait, back to the positive...

    You were OFF THE HOOK yesterday. Wow. There was no fluke involved in that performance. Your chemistry with Tony was clicking. Y'all were both making the right reads and it resulted in five catches for 117 yards and two touchdowns, including the back-breaker in the good guys' 27-13 win over little brother from that city that I don't even consider to be part of Texas (come on, everyone knows it's just Western Louisiana).

    I loved seeing you smiling while you were outrunning all those poor Texans on the way to the end zone in the fourth quarter, but then you had to do it, AND FOR THE SECOND TIME.

    "Hook 'Em Horns." More like Schmook Schem Schmorns.

    Look Roy, we know you went to Texas. Where you were always in the spotlight and always the superstar. And that hasn't been the case for you recently. In the past, it's been understandable why you always want to harken back to your glory days in college, but stop it, please. You're alienating like 97.6 percent of the Cowboys fan base that hates UT (or just me). I want to see you succeed. I've been watching you since high school in your MOJO black and white, but please find a new celebration. And please build on Sunday's performance. Some more games like that, and Tony Romo will be the luckiest, most envied quarterback in the NFL, and that is a scientific fact.

    Wreck 'Em (Show your brother, Texas Tech great Lloyd Hill, some love and stop with the Horns, dude!),

    Cowboys Nation (Adam Boedeker)

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